Worked for 2 days - Now can't see wifi network

Car model(year): 2021 Hyundai i30
Phone model(Android version): Huawei Mate20, Huawei P30 Pro, Pixel 6 Pro
Carsifi adapater firmware version: Originally 1.8.0 successfully updated to 1.9.0, now will not update

Issue description:
Unit initially worked after tweaking the settings (disabling interception and changing the usb mode). It was fine for 2 days - but now no longer works. The light keeps flashing green, the phone never sees or connects to the carsifi wifi network. I’ve tried completely resetting the adapter to factory defaults, clearing the carsifi app cache, clearing android auto app cache, disconnecting and forgetting bluetooth/wifi. I’ve also tried two other phones - one was a brand new pixel 6 pro, and none of them work. All phones just show ‘looking for android auto’ but never get further. The LED keeps flashing green.
I’ve performed another full factory adaptor reset (15 button presses etc) and recorded the logs. I’d initially done an update, but after the factory reset the companion app is syncing and showing version 1.8.0 with 1.9.0 available. Now when I try to update, it downloads but when I click ‘Update’ after a while it shows an error “wifi creds status; null”. I’ve run a debug the whole time and synced the logs, but no response from support. Another note is back when it worked I could see the wifi network, no matter what I do now I cannot see any wifi network being broadcast. I’ve even gone as far as downloading a wifi spectrum analyser app and can’t see it on either 2.4ghz or 5ghz. I can see lots of other networks so I know my phone’s wifi is working. I have a different wireless AA screen in another car too, and my phone works fine with that.
No response from support for nearly 2 weeks. Any advice?

Hello Fonzie, I’m Roberto.
I had the same problem as you 2 month ago, the WiFi network could no longer be seen while the Bluetooth continued to work normally.
I tried everything (same as your actions) but the device no longer worked.
I contacted support several times and after 3 weeks they replied to me offering either a full refund or a new replacement device.
I opted for the new device which arrived after another 3 weeks without paying anything.
The new device works perfectly, but until when?
Will this also break in a few months?
I don’t know.

See my discussion: "Carsifi-xxxxx” WiFi connection no longer appears and the adapter no longer works

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