The "Carsifi-xxxxx" WiFi connection no longer appears and the adapter no longer works

Car model(year): VW Golf 7.5 (2018)
Phone model(Android version): Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (Android 12)
Carsifi adapater firmware version: v1.8.0 (upgrade impossible without WiFi)

Issue description:
The adapter no longer works with Android Auto for 3 weeks.
It connects via Bluetooth but the “Carsifi-xxxxx” WiFi does not appear.
Android Auto does not start in the car.
The App connects but fails to update the Firmware.
I tried resetting both the adapter and Audroid Auto but it doesn’t work anymore.
The adapter in this state only serves as a shim if the chair is not level.
Carsifi assistance no longer responds to my requests.
I think I will be forced to buy AAWireless.