[Solved] Poor Customer Service

Hey guys whats the go with the lack of response for when you are going to ship the adaptor? How do i go about formally asking for a refund?

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It’s a scam… I have alerted kickstarter.

Immagina che al sottoscritto hanno detto che il dispositivo non potevano inviarlo perché il fornitore non aveva soldi

who told you this? doesnt sound good at all to me, i hope no one else falls for this scam

Based on everything I’ve seen over the past number of months I don’t think they are a scam. Carsifi is a small operation and they are Ukrainian. They were always very responsive to emails but suddenly are not. Hopefully this gets resolved soon because it’s not a good way to do business. Many people are waiting to confirm their orders and provide their shipping address and cannot due to issues and no one responds. Not good but just give it some time.

I believe that once your contribution is locked there is no way to get a refund. The last I heard from them was on 3/28 so we’ll see what happens. There is no choice right now other than to wait.

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I understand they are in Ukraine and what is going on there and probably why they are not answering, But they did take the time to process my $25 shipping charge a few weeks ago and then all went non responsive. Not good business. I will see to cancel with credit card company.

Holy hell, these people are in Ukraine quite possibly fighting for their lives. Have some sympathy and understanding.


They just sent out an email today where they explained the delays were related to the manufacturing facility in China which was under harsh COVID restrictions.

They’re going to issue a firmware update soon too.


I have been waiting since originally ordered Dec 2, 202. Was supposed to ship in February 2022 per what I committed to. However they did not collect my shipping $ and address until March 12th. I messaged them last week about not getting any info or product since then. They replied that it was shipping out soon.

I see the updates on Indiogogo say they will be shipping a quantity of orders between April 16-23.
I was wondering to if this has become a scam but hopefully not and they will ship out in the stated time.
I will post back if I get anything.
I’m a little unhappy with the wait as I could have bought Ottocast or AAwireless and Been enjoying it by now.


They collected my shipping fee which led me to believe that mine would ship soon. But no word at all. No shipping fee should be collected until they’re actually ready to ship.

What should really be happening is that the adapters should be shipped to Delaware in bulk and then sent to the end users from there so they have a handle on just what is being shipped and when.


Well well late last night I actually got an email saying mine shipped. I got a tracking number for it to from a carrier called Yun Express. Looks like it’s shipping out of China. Tracking on the carrier website says its expected in 13 to 20 days.

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Same here as well, its shipped and currently sitting at the Dongguan airport on its way finally to me.
I understand there may of been issues communicating to their customers about delays due to the conflict in Ukraine, but they did take the time to get my shipping information and take payment.


After 5 months I pulled the plug and got a refund of the device and the shipping fee-- really fast refund when I requested it. 7 days later my Motorola MA1 is killing it. Paid a premium of 40 extra dollars but definitely worth it to me.

Pleased to say that mine, ordered on 13th December, not confirmed until the 10th March was shipped on 26th April and arrived today (3rd May) and I plugged into the car set up Blutooth on the phone and it’s working fine.


Mine looks like it arrived at the local FedEx sorting centre in my town yesterday afternoon. So maybe it will be delivered today.

FedEx seems to be the carrier taking the last part of delivery in the US for Yun Express.

Hopefully all goes well once mine is set up in my Tacoma.
This in probably the longest I’ve ever waited for a product. Longer than when mail order catalog orders took 6-8 weeks decades ago. Hopefully it is worth the wait.

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Ridiculously poor form from the customer service team. Have been charged twice for 1 order and am yet to recieve any sort of response whatsoever from the team. Paid once via indiegogo and when i was informed to confirm my shipping address etc, was charged the full amount again via carsifi. Not at all happy thus far

My order was finally received yesterday, easy to install, starts up quick and works perfectly…very impressed with it so far
The only criticism would be customer service not communicating clearly.


It is not a scam. I’ve received my unit as expected. I’ve had queries answered by Carsifi since the Russian invasion. Most of us are extremely lucky, we don’t live in a war zone, we have internet as and when we want it, we have mobile phone access, we have power, we have heating, we have light, we don’t have to worry about where to get food and most of all we don’t have to worry about our friends and family being bombed out of their homes. The developers are Ukrainians. I’m sorry but to me a small delay/inconveniance is nothing compared to the problems that others face.

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Hi Jerry, we are not a scam. Have you received your adapter? If not please contact us and we will solve this issue.

Have you received your adapter? Can you please tell us where have you read such a message? We’ve provided all updates and in all updates, we have provided all postpone reason(we have never told that we haven’t money to send)