Our official website is https://carsifi.com All other website that prepared Carsifi adapter is FAKE. Possible fake Carsifi scam site

Looks fake to me, and if so will be a customer support problem.

Ohhh, I payed 80 bucks for letting me find out it has a hard time to work with VW, now they sell it for 30 bucks less!

Looks to be a scam - to the best of my knowledge Carsifi only sells direct, and this is not a Carsifi website. I’m reporting it to Carsifi support.

Carsifi responded to my report quickly and confirmed that this is a scam site.

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Yes, this is a scam website. We’ve reported to Report Scams and Frauds | USAGov and also will continue reporting to all possible organization. Our main website is https://carsifi.com

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