Use the full screen

Hi all,

I have an Hyundai Tucson 2022 with a 10.25" screen and Carsifi is only using 2/3 of the screen. Is it possible to use the whole screen?

I believe this is related to the version of Satnav you are running, you can update Hyundai satnav software from here:

Make sure to select the correct country in the top right. America, Canada and Korea are usually first to get the yearly or bi-yearly updates.

There is also a new Android Auto version coming out soon called “Coolwalk”. Should be announced after Google I/O in the next week or so. This will allow AA to use part of the screen as a split-screen within the AA portal for music etc.

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I received my carsifi last week and don’t get it run ‘full screen’ in my Kia EV6.

I also have an Ottocast 2 in 1, and this dongle can do it.
So I think it is a feature that carsifi has to add to the firmware.

I will make an feature request for it

Coolwalk would be more aptly named Slowwalk. End of November and still waiting.

Yeah tell me about it!

It’s rolling out now, but only people who signed up for the beta are getting it to work without rooting their phones. It’s worth forcing an update so long from Android APK website, I think they are on AA version 8.6 now.