Use of bluetooth controls

Hi Guys!,

There is the possibility to pair a bluetooth control to the device, like the one attached in the link.

Otherwise could that functionality be implemented in a future update?


Am I properly understanding, that you use this device to control audio playing on Android Auto via your phone?
If yes, you do not need to connect it to the Carsifi adapter. You can connect it to your phone and theoretically it should work when your phone has active Android Auto session via Carsifi adapter.

Thanks for the response.

My idea is not control the cellphone, my question is oriented to control the android auto interface via this wireless control.


Theoretically, it’s possible, but what problem solves this device?
Android Auto has a touchscreen in the car or control joystick near the gearbox(usually).
As we can see this adapter can solve the issue when driver doesn’t like to use touchscreen instead like to control with buttons. It will be great if you can share your opinion about it. Thank you.

In my case I have a Volkswagen Polo and the control it can be vía touchscreen or a knob, but it isnt near to the gearbox.

So, if we understand properly you doesn’t like control using touchscreen but want to control using such device, correct?

Exactly, the idea is use a bluetooth device to control the android auto interface.

I’m looking to this exact same thing 9n my car. I only have touchscreen. I want something on my steering wheel that will allow me to control all aspects of my android auto.