Update pls? What's happening with dispatch to backers?

l made my backer order in January 2022. Email update in early Feb said dispatch would follow Chinese New Year, which has now well and truly passed with no further updates. Can you please let backers know what’s happening?


I pledged back in september and have still not received any kind of order link or shipping payment request. I am now at the point of odering the motorola MA1 wireless android carplay. It’s stock and they ship.

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eeeeesh. This does not sound good

What’s Indiegogo’s refund process like?

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Bei mir genau so, keine Info wann es versendet werden soll.:sleepy:

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Good day,
I made a pledge on 8/23/21 and mine is on its way. You have to be patient but they do deliver.

To Plastech: How did you go about “paying for Shipping”? Were you notified by a working link? I have never received the so called “you need to pay for shipping first” before shipping the item out.

I still think we got scammed. We are now almost middle of march and there is no sign of life on behalf of the carsifi folks.


Hi Lorma,
You did not get scammed, it’s really a long process I just recieved mine on Monday.
When it asks you for the $10 for shipping yourscis about to ship soon I would say another 2-3 weeks for you to get a tracking number. Once you get the tracking # then its about 15 days to recieve it. You just have to be patient.

I have never been asked for the shipping fee (hint, scam alert) completion link. So, I am like the other thousands of people waiting (hint, scam alert). All signs point to the Snapnator kickstarter scam… so far, advantage: Scam


I ordered in November and got my asking for shipping email on March 8th but still no tracking. I had to search for the email because it got buried. I would do a quick search in your email for Carsifi.

This is a very odd way to do business. Asking people to pay up-front with absolutely no clue when they will get what they “ordered”. Why aren’t these things shipped in bulk to Delaware and then shipped out to customers from there? How is there no clue when and how many will be made? I’d like to know how many people are out there waiting for what they paid for.

The fact that these are made in and ship from China is disturbing. I’d rather pay more money for something that’s made by a non-Russian ally.

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No scam. I received mine last week and it’s really working great.

Then you might as well not buy any consumer electronics. Silly.

Agree… this is a scam, beware!

UPDATE: I have received mine and it works wonderfully! I really was starting to have some doubts about legitimacy of the Indigogo campaign, but it is as promised :+1::+1::+1: