Support response time - Nothing for 11 days and counting

Has anyone had a recent response from support? I raised a ticket 11 days ago, with detailed information and the debug data, and the only response I’ve had is the automated email.
Ticket shows as “Being Processed” and assigned to ‘Julia Pryhodko’, but nothing.
Hoping this topic gets seen and prompts a response.

Only time i get responses is when they release firmware or app update.

Same here, I sent in my debug log on June 20th and only response I’ve gotten was email on new 1.9 1 update.
The newest update seems to have helped stop Carsifi from trying to connect to my car when it’s off. My car USB plug is always powered.
Since latest update, the main problem has been slow connect times after starting my car.
I have a 2022 KIA Sorento

At least you got it to connect, I cant even get mine to connect… I get one acknowledgement on the radio to add the carsifi, but never continues on from there.

I bought 3 and none of them work. No support after 2 weeks. They know their units do not work on cadillac cue system but they don’t care. They even protested when I asked credit card for money back. Crooks is what we used to call people like this. Karma will give them what they deserve