[Solved] Why is your order system broken

When will it be fixed. I got an email saying my order was ready and I had to pay for shipping. The link to enter the order information for shipping does not work. Please help.

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Same issue for me. They did send an email saying they would let me know when it was corrected.

Same issue for me. No news from customer support. I’m starting to get worried. Will I ever get my Carsifi?

Broken link… lol would be fixed in an hour in today’s connected world. Think about it people, we got hosed.

I received another email today asking me once again to confirm my order and pay for shipping. The email contained a “discount code” to use so that I would only pay for shipping. Everything worked so I would expect that I’m not alone in getting this second email.

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so 18 days after paying for shipping and no word at all about shipping!