[Solved] Suddenly stop working

Car model(year): skoda kodiaq 2019
Phone model(Android version):samaung galaxy s20, android 12
Carsifi adapater firmware version:1.8.0

Issue description:
Suddenly carsifi stopped working. Samsung galaxy s20, android 12, skoda kodiaq. Directly connected gsm works fine. The phone connects to the carsif, the green light comes on, but it does not appear on the car display. When gsm connected to the carsify led on carsify is green but display on car is nothing. When I on car display connect to android auto, display says searching but cannot find carsify. After several attempts, carsify goes to led red (in midtimte goes restart carsify, led white, blue, blinking green, green). Try factory reset carsify, reinstall carsify, reinstall android auto. Nothing helps. Contacting support, sending logs, I got no answer

Of course, interception is off, bluetoth type is accessories, android auto is autostart always. Nothing has changed, stop working after month and half.

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Esattamente come me, io vw T-roc 2019 con oneplus 8pro. Ho scritto più volte all’assistenza ma non ho mai avuto risposta. Quindi non lo posso utilizzare… :rage:

Exact same issue for me, Seat arona, which is obviously a very similar car model

Same issues for me. I was able to get it working for several weeks, but now unable. I feel I have tried every combination of unpairing, uninstalling, and of course set as AA Intercept off and Accessory. 2018 VW Golf.

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I just got the Carsifi, and trying to connect it to a Seat Leon 5f.
Nothing works - just like you describe.

Support not responding :pensive:

перестал работать и у меня.vw caddy 2017.поддержка не отвечает,похоже,что это выкинутые 100$.очень разачарован в проекте.буду пытаться через службы вернуть свои деньги и вернуть адаптер.кусок говна.

Hi everybody
I finally got a 100% stable connection that also connects first time every time.
The solution was not found within Carsifi domain, but within Android Auto and Android itself. I followed this thread and disabled screensaver/Always on display + activated the car as trusted device for Smart Lock: Third Party Software - Android Auto not working properly with screen locked - OnePlus Community

Same issue here, mine worked for 2 days and then stopped. Now I can’t seem to get it working again, app/aa/adapter resets - no luck. Support also not responding to me.

Same issue on my Skoda Octavia 2017 with Amundsen radio :frowning:

I have exactly the same problem.
After about three weeks working without problems Carsifi suddenly stopped working. LED is lighting solidly green but no connection to Android Auto can be established. Car is Skoda Kodiaq, mobile is Samsung Galaxy S10e running Android 12. Firmware is 1.9.

We’ve released v1.9.3 for BETA testers. If you haven’t seen this version in your companion app, please send your UDID to support@carsifi.com. It has fixes for some head unit versions for Mazda & VAG

Hi. I tried v.19.3. GSM connect to carsifi, on GSM see that Android auto is connected to “device” but not displayed in car screen. After that carsifi goes to led white (probably sleep). I tried with mode Accesories and Direct Accesories, it was same. (Interception is OFF). I sent log files to support. Time of trying is 2022-09-22 10:30 - 11:00.

I resolved the issue in cooperation with carsifi support, whom I also thank for their help.
I received a new, customized update and a note to turn off “Carsifi auto start”. Now I start it “on the button” and working well.