[Solved] RAM 1500 Carsifi constantly reboots after connecting my phone AA

Car model(year): 2019 Ram 1500 with Uconnect®
Phone model(Android version): Xperia 10 III /Android 11
Carsifi adapater firmware version: 1.9.0

Issue description:
After buying when I connected it first time it worked well, then I updated the firmware from 1.8.0 to 1.9.0. Because I needed start/stop features. Since that it started rebooting every time when AA is being connected.
I’ve tried the next things, all of them didn’t help of course :
Enable AA autostart always
Carsifi reset to default settings
Carsifi factory reset (back to version 1.8.0). It continues to restart
Clear android auto app data and cache
Play with carsifi troubleshooting setting

Update: this action from the support section helped

  • Car headunit → Settings → Phone/Bluetooth → Smartphone Projection Manager → remove all records

But it works only once (until I turn off the car). After I turn on the vehicle it starts rebooting again (((

Fixed by updating to 1.9.5 firmware

We recommend updating firmware to the latest version 1.10.0