[Solved] Phone Calls do not route correctly

2021 Rav4 Prime (Toyota)
Google Pixel 6
1.7 Latest Version

When I make or receive phone calls, the audio out as well as the microphone do not come through the car’s sound system or microphone. The radio is not silenced either.

Same issue here. No audio through BT or Mic. Have to choose speaker phone and use phone to talk/listen.

2018 Chevy Colorado.
Pixel 6 Pro
FW ver. 1.7

Have other devices connected to your phone during the Android Auto session?

Do you also have a SmartWatch connected to your phone ?
I have an issue with mine when connected to phone AND car, every call (in/out) is directly directed to my phone, not the car. And this is caused by my SmartWatch.

I have a smartwatch connected to my phone as well.

I have also found that I can bypass the problem by leaving Android Auto to the Toyota Phone interface to make/recieve the call.

What is the brand of your smartwatch ?

My issue has solved itself.

I updated Pixel 6 Pro to February security update and after reboot the phone is working correctly.
Both things happened together so i’m not sure which solved it.

I do also have Mi Band 6 connected at the same time

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

I updated to the February patch today. The problem persists for me.

There is a problem with bluetooth priorities when you have multiple devices connected which can handle phone calls.
I’m pretty sure that if you turn on plane mode on your watch, your calls will work well with your car system.
One thing you can try, is to disconnect and forget every bluetooth device on your phone and your car, and reconnect them one by one, starting by the car, to change the priority list of bluetooth devices.

I had this issue with hardwired AA a while back – Pixel 3 on a 2018 Subaru. One of the monthly updates to Android 12 fixed it. I think it was a phone OS or a phone-side AA issue.

I have the same issue and what makes it worse is I can’t switch it to another device and the screen always freezes so I can’t end the call or do anything.

2020 Subaru Ascent
Samsung S21 5G Ultra latest version of Android

My Pixel 6 Pro won’t send calls through my car on Android Auto (Jeep Uconnect) most of the time. I think there’s a Bluetooth issue.

I have a smartwatch, and while I was able to receive phone calls successfully, when I tried to place a phone call the person couldn’t hear me.

I’ll have to see if it works without the watch in the car.

I’ve disabled bluetooth calls on my Pixel 6 Pro bluetooth settings and calls have routed properly ever since. Seems like a Pixel bug.