[Solved] Opel Astra 2016 did just work twice

**Car model(year):Opel Astra ST 1,6 DCTI Year 2016
**Phone model(Android version): Oneplus 9, Android 12
**Carsifi adapater firmware version: 1.8.0

**Issue description: Hi, I received my Carsifi adapter 2 days ago. I was very happy with it at the beginning. It worked after turning off the Intercept AA protocol.
But now, i can’t get it to work. Android Auto starts on the phone, but not on the car. Even when i try to start AA manually. Tried several tips in troubleshooting, but nothing helped.
I think, there’s a problem with the WIFI connection. When i start the car and i am near a known WIFI, Carsifi doesn’t make a connection with WIFI. Bluetooth is connected. I can find the carsifi WIFI in the phone, but i don’t have a WPA2 password to connect it manually. Is there a possibility to find out the pw and connect manually?

I would appreciate help very much, bye, Stefan

Problem solved. Connected again via cable. Afterwards Carsifi worked fine.