[Solved] Mazda MX5 ND 2018 with original Android Auto not connecting

Hej there,

Mobile: OnePlus 8 T (was working fine with Sony head unit)
FW: 1.90

  • connecting BT (solid blue)
  • searching Android Auto (green blinking)
  • finding something (solid green)
  • restarting

Tried all I found in the support files…

Anyone having a solution for that?


  • seems the carsifi is connected, as LED is permanent green, app demands to continue on head unit screen, head units button ‘enable/disable Android Auto’ is enabled

  • but Android Auto itself does not start, also the head units menu button to start Android Auto is grayed

Connection with cable works fine.

Any idea is welcome :slight_smile:


I am experiencing exactly the same problem. I have a 2018 Mazda 3.

Did you get yours working?

No response yet, awaiting the next FW update…

We are ready to release a new firmware version v1.9.3 tomorrow for beta testing. If you haven’t added in the BETA list, please send your UDID to support@carsifi.com.
Also, please provide a firmware version of your car head unit too here. We can review them with our latest local testing.


Please add me to beta firmware, unit Id Carsifi-5e3823(v1.9.0)


My head unit is original Mazda,

OS version 70.00.335 EU N
Musikdabase version 00.09.000
Fail- safe version 70.00.335

We’ve released v1.9.3 for BETA testers. If you haven’t seen this version in your companion app, please send your UDID to support@carsifi.com. It has fixes for some head unit versions for Mazda & VW

Hello again,

V1.9.3 Beta with disabled Intercept AA protocol does the job :slight_smile:

THX to support!


Thanks for your reply.