[Solved] I can't update to new version

seat Leon mk3(2017):

**the download process is successful and when the update starts it is disconnected.


I had a similar problem. To solve my problems, after I downloaded the new software to the phone, I connected the Carsifi adapter to a clean power source (just power and no communication). The update then works but when it is ready I get a message that the connection failed. When the Carsifi is restarted again I can see that the update has been made.

Thanks for all! Your method works perfectly!

Also have the same problem. Every attempt it shows different messages like “Error send firmware url…”, “Looks like firmware is the same…”, “Error readDeviceInfo…” and so on.

Currently I´m on 1.9.0
Downloaded FW 1.10.0

Can you try to disable mobile data if you still getting the error “Error send firmware URL”
Also, we recommend to plug adapter to simple USB instead of Android Auto USB