[Solved] Android Auto or Carsifi Automatic On/Off


I own a Hyundai i30 N Line 2019/2020. I’ve just setup my Carsifi Adapter and paired it with my smartphone via Carsifi app today. Worked perfectly fine. It would auto connect/startup everytime I startup my car. But one feature would be really great to have is to have the adapter cut off from the power source instantly as soon as the car’s power ports are cut off from the battery.

In my case, my car does not turn off/cut off power instantly when i turn the engine off, the infotainment screen, dashboard and power ports will stay on for the next (at least) 10 minutes, OR UNLESS I open up any of my car’s doors, then, on that point it turns off everything except for the interior lights, then from there, the moment I lock up the doors, everything is turned off.

Issue (not so much really): Carsifi Adapter does not disconnect from my phone even if my car’s power ports are cut off from the battery (Carsifi Adapter’s port included), which causes Android Auto being still connected and my phone not being able to access Google Maps as it’s still projecting on the Carsifi Adapter. I’m aware of the button functions on the adapter, but I just think that that beats the purpose of this technology if that is the solution.

If I have to sit in my car and need a phone call or play media through AA, it’s fine as my smartphone is still connected. But in a scenario like, if I parked around the city and soon as I hop off of my car, maybe I’d need to look up something like directions on Google Maps, and because AA is still running I won’t be able to run Google Maps.

Yes, I know, I can just walk a bit further from my car so my smartphone disconnects from Carsifi Adapter. That’s one way to go, but it also reassures myself that nothing will be draining my car’s battery and not find my car’s battery flat eg. when I get back to it after a day at work or after not using my car on my days off and on the day I’m going back to work, that would be painful.

Request: Have the Carsifi Adapter turn off as soon as the power port is cut off from the car’s battery OR, intervene with Android Auto to stop as soon as the power port is cut off from the car’s battery.

Things that I’m not certain of on my side: I’m not completely sure if the power is completely cut off from the Carsifi Adapter’s power port as soon as I turn off or lockup my car.

To the Carsifi Team: I’m aware that it has been a rollercoaster of a ride for you guys, from getting materials to build these units to getting them to our doorsteps, that’s why I/we appreciate it so much! You guys have done a really good job!! Thank you so much!


Firstly, thanks for a great product!
I got my unit today and haven’t tested it thoroughly yet, but I’m impressed with the speed of connection and ease of use.

I’m having a similar issue to timeobsucrity.

I’m currently driving a Nisan Navara 2021 Ute.

The USB port for the entertainment system connection stays live with the vehicle turned off and locked, at least for about 5 minutes.

During this time the Carsifi cycles through linking and unlinking with my phone, before it finally gives up or the USB port turns off (i’m not sure).
As you can understand this does impair the use of my phone for a while, especially when I get home as my Ute is still in range of my phone.

Is there a way to get the current state of the ignition/ infotainment display state or vehicle locked state and use this to power off the Carsifi?

If there is more info you need or something I can test for you, please let me know.


I have the same issue on my 2020 Mercedes Benz GLE, the USB’s on these cars are permanently on. I also have an AA wireless , their app has an option to deal with this issue, be nice if Carsifi does similar

I have also the same ‘issue’ with my Kia EV6.

I also have this issue with my Hyundai Tucson (2022).

Can you please tell me how does AA Wireless deal with this?

I just made a Tasker Profile that turned OFF WiFi and BT after the vehicles BT was disconnected, which is as soon as I close the drivers door on my Tucson, then kill AA, wait 5 mins and turn back on WiFi and BT.

The Task worked just fine but about 10 secs after turning everything OFF, BT and WiFi turned themselves back ON.

This only happens after using Carsifi. If I wait for power to be removed from my cars USB and run the Task again, it works as expected. So something within Carsifi is turning back on BT and WiFi.

Hello, I have a Hyundai I40. There is the same problem with the continuous voltage on the USB port. It would be nice if there was a feature that would make it work automatically. Kind regards

We’ve released new firmware v1.8.11 in the beta stage with a new Start/Stop feature. You can set up a Carsifi adapter to work only if your car head unit or another Bluetooth device is connected to your phone. Some cars powered USB sockets when the engine is off. This feature will help to make the experience with the Carsifi adapter and Wireless Android auto better.

How to use:

  1. Please, make sure that you have installed firmware v1.8.11 and up.
  2. Open companion app → Start/Stop features → Start/Stop based on car Bluetooth name → Select your car head unit Bluetooth name from the list and click Save.
  3. Enjoy Wireless Android Auto

This feature is under BETA testing. If you see firmware above v1.8.11, please update your adapter and this feature will be available too.

How can I get this update? Companion App says firmware is 1.8.0 and is the latest.

Please send us your UDID number (Companion app → Settings → UDID) to support@carsifi.com and we will add you access.

Also, we will release new firmware 1.9.0 tomorrow for all customers.

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So, should I just wait until tomorrow?

You shouldn’t post your UDID in the public forum.

Thank you. I did not read the instructions correctly.

What could happen now that I have published the UDID?

Hey guys, the adapter has been working really great so far, well done!

I seem to have the same issue though pointed out above, it’s my only gripe at this point.

Currently running 1.8.11, and I have set the start/stop feature to my car’s Bluetooth. Currently using a Samsung S21 Ultra in a KIA Sportage 2022 (NQ5).

The system seems to connect flawlessly if I have been away for at least 10 minutes, or perhaps a certain distance from the car. If I pop into the shops for 5 mins and return to the car, that’s when AA never shows up on the infotainment again. I have to remove the USB cable and plug it in again to restart the process and see AA again. Recently I switched my phone from silent mode to normal and noticed the phone goes bananas with notifications when I get close to the car again, not sure if it’s the Carsifi app starting or if it’s notifying me about AA starting again.

This is what 1.8.11 is supposed to fix. The new firmware is supposed to know when you disconnect from the cars BT and then turn OFF Carsifi. Carsifi will then turn back ON when you next connect to the cars BT. From your discription it does not sound that this is happening.

Have not seen this yet, is it supposed to be available?

Yeah that’s what I thought, though it doesn’t seem to work at the moment, at least not for my car, will try the new 1.9.0 when it’s available.

“Tomorrow” happened a while ago now. No 1.9?

UDID is not private information(it’s just internal UDID generated by a companion app.) and could be published. But, thanks for your notice.

A new version of v1.9.0 has been published. We postponed the release for additional testing. Sorry for that.