Skoda KAROQ 2023

Skoda KAROQ 2023
Samsung Galaxy S9

Hello, i was wondering, if anyone had the same issue as me.

My KAROQ has its own wireless AA capability so at first sight no need for me to use my Carsify adapter which i successfully used on my previous car Peugeot.

But i like the DPI settings on Carsify and i was hoping to use it instead of built in WIFI connection.

Unfortunately, it does not work. Adapter connects to Phone, but headunit does not show AA available. No matter in which USB port i plug it in (anyway both are from same hub connected to headunit).

So is there anybody who would try it?

thanks :slight_smile:

My car is if I stopped working weeks after I purchased it has never worked again since then and they appear to be completely defunct of a company at this point so good luck with any support.