Shipping ETA to the East coast of the US

Does anyone know once the item ships how long does it take to ship to the east coast of the USA?

I’m in the mid west, I ordered mine in October for the early bird, said it was supposed to be November but then the delays happened so then it changed to January and I just got it a week ago so yea patience is a must lol

I backed in September and still don’t see mine. So something is off.

It’s scandalous. 19$ for shipping and still not received 2 weeks later

Package status: In transit
Country: China → France

2022-03-09 02:26 HK, Asendia Hong Kong, Handed to Asendia
2022-03-08 15:17 Departed from AIRPORT of Origin
2022-03-07 10:57 Custom clearance completed
2022-03-03 05:14 Flight departure Delay
2022-02-27 18:38 CHINA, Arrive at international airport to abroad
2022-02-27 09:38 SHENZHEN, Departed Facility In processing center
2022-02-27 03:26 SHENZHEN, Departed Facility in SHENZHEN
2022-02-25 19:25 SHENZHEN, Arrived at Sort Facility SHENZHEN
2022-02-24 14:31 Shipment information received

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