Product failure

Re # 24752
I first reported an issue with constant disconnections occuring…I was given many possible solutions to correct the issue…I followed each solution unsuccessfully…finally I run another similar product for a length of time and experienced no issues.
Carsifi agreed item likely faulty and you advised on Aug 22 item should be returned and credit will be issued. Item was returned (Aug 25). Carsifi acknowledged receipt of item and that credit would be processed.
I contacted Carsifi again Sept 1 when credit had not been received…Carsifi did not respond.
I raised a case through Paypal and this was rejected as the 180 day limit had passed…I feel like I have been taken for a ride.

Regards Paul F Greig

If you used a credit card on PayPal, start a dispute with your credit card company.

Thank you Kazoobers…my issue does not concern my bank…Carsifi supplied a faulty product, under current Australian Consumer laws I expect Carsifi to refund the full cost.
I will keep at it until that happens…the money is not the issue.


If money wasn’t an issue you wouldn’t have raised a case through PayPal. They are the ones who paid Carsifi. You just said you expect Carsifi tor refund the full cost, so yes money is the issue. That is why I said start a dispute with your credit card company. I do this when a company refuses to refund me or ignore me. My credit card company refunds the money to me every single time.