Problems with voice commands

Car model(year): 2019 Ford Ecosport
Phone model(Android version): Galaxy S21+ Android 12
Carsifi adapater firmware version: 1.9

Issue description:
I have an issue with voice commands when using Carsifi. When my phone is connected by cable, voice commands work perfectly. I can even compose a long sms with every word picked up.

When connected using Carsifi, I am luck if I get more than 1 to 2 works before the mic seems to becomes unresponsive, making it difficult to perform even the most basic task by voice. While connected to Carsifi, if I manually make a call using android auto, I can have a good convesation with no mic issues at all.

I have tried resetting Carsifi. Removing and reinstalling Android Auto, Google assistant, and the Carsifi app.

Other than voice commands, every else works without issue. Anyone got any idea’s what might be causing the issue?

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I have the same problems also. First I thought it was Android Auto, but it’s not as Motorola MA1 does fine.
It’s diffently a Carsifi issue. Hope they fix the issue.

Hi Robert, thanks for confirming the issue. Thought I had something set up wrong. If the MA1 is fine then I agree, it must be a Carsifi issue.

I have two Carsifi…neither work! Bought two Moto MA1 they work perfectly. Bought them from Best Buy $89. Picked up the MA1 at the store went to the car plugged it in and it worked instantly. I requested a refund for the two Carsifi haven’t heard anything from them…Dead Air…Crickets. I wonder if this whole thing is a scam!!!

Confirmed, same issue here. Short commands work fine, longer will show issue described here. Did reach out to support separately, linking to this thread.

I have the same issue, just opened a ticket for it. It has been going on for several months now and for the most part I can’t even get a simple “NO” response to be accepted by AA whilst connected via Carsifi, works fine when plugged straight in to my car.

I finally had a reply from Carsifi, and they suggested the following.

Enable 2.4 wifi only & disable intercept AA protocol.

Although the first time I tried these options, only one at a time, with little success, doing both, with the latest firmware and app installed, so far voice commands appear to be working as they should. I am able to send long txt’s without issues again. I never really persued the aa protocol option before, as my car always connected fine, but hopefully, this has cured my voice command issue. I will report back after a few days, to confirm if everythinf is still working.

Many thanks for sharing mrm1!

I can confirm switching “Intercept AA” off in the Troubleshooting section works for me too. However, I was able to remain on 5 GHz. Will report back if there are any issues.

Well, so far so good, all still appears to be working. I have lost the ability to use “Hey Google” but thats not a problem for me, as I have a talk button on the stearing wheel. Also this disables the ability to disaple tap blockers, which I never used anyway.

I have the same problem and I have sent a tiket with some videos. With the perfect USB cable but with carsifi (I have AA disabled and at 2.4 Ghz), voice commands do not work.

I also have this problem. It seems to be a direct result of using a wireless adapter like Carsifi.

Has anyone had any joy fixing this?

I continue with the problem. The strange thing is that it recognizes commands such as navigating to… or call… Or send whassap to,but then it doesn’t recognize the message I want to send.