Odd disconnects

2018 Buick Regal TourX
Pixel 6 Android 12L
Adapter firmware 1.8

Hello, I’m having a very odd problem. On my commute to work, I will pass a certain stoplight near my office and carsifi will disconnect and the same thing will happen for the next two stoplights. My head unit in the car will drop AA and go back to the factory infotainment system. Audio playing through AA will stop as well. A few seconds later it will boot back up and continue where it left off. On the drive home, it does it as well, so it’s not a timing issue. It does it at the same 3 stoplights each time I go past them.

Any thoughts as to why this might be happening?

I think it’s just coincidence. I have same issues and it’s timing not location. The adapter resets repeatedly every few minutes. A hard reset of the adapter (back to factory setting) makes it work stable for a while and then back to intermittent performance. The new app and software 1.8.2 and app version 1.49 do the same thing.

Same thing happens to me. Disconnects in precise locations and not coincidental at all. My suspicion? WiFi or bluetooth interference. Seems to happen whenever there are a lot of businesses around or big buildings with antennas. While I don’t have proof of this, I can certainly say that before disconnection and nearing those locations, the audio and interface will start lagging and stuttering until it reboots. Depending on the location, sometimes the device will keep retrying to pair until I’m far from that particular location and then it reconnects.

It’s not a coincidence, if you google it, this is a problem that effects many wireless android auto devices.

There is some information here on possible phone settings changes that may help.


Mine was dropping and then crashing at the same exact spot I drive by every day (near a big bus depot). I applied some of the suggestions in the above Reddit posting and turned off “intercept AA protocol” on my setting and while the sound does break up driving by, it is not crashing any more.

Yes, probably strong magnetic field / local wifi modules might interfere.

In my case I tracked the crashes to missing mobile internet. Black spots, in the country side for example, where coverage is missing. My network has voice coverage for this black spots, but it is 2G only and aside from that only GSM Voice, not mobile internet.

Also locations in the big cities where emitting band handover is purely made. For example my network does 5G as NSA N78 attached to B1, but the main band set up in handover protocols is B38 for 4G. So every time I get near a location where 5G is implemented, my smartphone goes from B38 to B1 and then B1 tells it also has NSA coverage in 5G. Somewhere along the line, the dongle disconnects and reconnects after B1 connections is stable.

Clearly, if connected to cable, I have no disconnection, Waze map is still on and no Spotify interruptions.

I figured it out on my end months ago as it ALWAYS disconnects at the same 2 places for me. There’s an area near my home where there are several hydro power towers and similarly on my way to work through an industrial area where there are other towers as well. As soon as I drive about 200 feet further, the unit reconnects.

It got to the point where I got fed up and bought a different brand and the issue disappeared. Problem is Carsifi is the only unit that allows you to cleanly toggle between 2 phones, so I went back to Carsifi.

At some point, I will experiment by changing the wifi frequency to 2.4ghz in the Carsifi app to see if it stabilizes.

Trust me, it’s the hydro power towers and don’t let anyone tell you differently

I had the same issue in certain places, but by changing the 5ghz channel or setting to 2.4ghz fixed this for me. Not had the problem since.