No longer working with Galaxy S23

Aftermarket stereo: ATOTO F7
Samsung S23 / Android 13
Carsifi firmware: 1.10.0

Several days ago, Carsifi adapter went from working normally to no longer properly establishing a connection to the AA head unit. It seems the handshake is failing (my guess). My phone shows that there is a connection to the AA head unit [e.g. phone reports Android Auto is available. Press the AA icon on your stereo.] The adapter shows a solid green light. The AA icon on the head unit does not show that AA is available, and pressing the icon does nothing. So, to recap, my phone thinks it is connected to wireless AA, and the adapter shows that the connection is established (solid green), but AA refuses to display on the head unit. Plugging in wired direct to the head unit works as expected, and AA comes up right away.

Please advise. Thank you.

I can’t help you but just to say it works fine with my S23 Ultra.

Thanks for the reply. Seems there is no official support here anymore?