No car bluetooth when anserwing calls

Hello I had the adapter working great on my GV70.

I am not sure if this happened when switching to new phone but now every-time I answer a call when connected through adapter and android auto the car connects but the Bluetooth to the car doesn’t I need to manually click on my phone to connect to my car.

Steps I tried disconnected carsifi answered call through car system all works

Connected phone using usb adapter and using android auto all works

Connected carsifi. answered call without being in android auto all works.

Go to android auto answer call does not work. The call connects but through the phone. Manually click on car to connect to bluetooth and then it connects to car.

Wasn’t doing this before started I think when I changed phone. Had S20 Ultra from Samsung now on S22 Ultra.

Tried upairing carsifi, uninstalling app. did a reset also did a reset on the module till light turns blue and started from scratch.

Noticing that in paired devices I still see my old phone but also the new one

Very annoying.