New Campaign Update!

Dear backers,

First, sorry for the delay in posting this new update. The reason is that we were waiting for some approvals from our manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China, and HK which are now under harsh COVID restrictions.

Delivery plans

We’ve already delivered 900 adapters to our Indiegogo backers.

Right now, we have about 5285 perks to be delivered. We expect to send all these adapters in batches from 16 - 23 April. You will receive an email with the tracking number. If you haven’t confirmed your shipping address, please check your email.

Our email has the following details:


Subject: [Action Require][Fixed] Collecting your shipping information!

Subject2: [REMIND] Confirm your shipping information!

P.s.: We very well understand that some of you are disappointed because of such a delay in production. So, in case you don’t want to wait any longer and would like to cancel your order please write to and we will proceed with a refund immediately.


We continue to improve our software and will soon release the new version of the firmware!!!

The issue with the link to pay for the delivery

We sent emails to backers to confirm the shipping address two weeks ago. Many backers have reported that they saw an error message after clicking on the “Confirm order” button. We’ve sent another email in 30 minutes after the previous one, that we have technical issues and will send a new email when we fix it. The problem was with our website provider(Shopify). We could not fix it immediately and have spent almost a week talking with the Shopify support team. Finally, we created another flow, tested it, and sent new emails to all backers.

Meanwhile, we have received about 2000 tickets about an error in confirming address flow. This is a huge number of tickets, and our support team continues to resolve them. We are sorry that we haven’t responded to you in time.

P.S.: If you continue to see the error after clicking the “Confirm button” please try to clear cache or open the link from our email in incognito mode or another browser.

About the situation in Ukraine

Our team members are in a safe place.

Armed forces and people who protect Ukraine are HEROS, and many of you already know about it and have seen how they bravely fight against russian evil.

But armed forces are not wizards and can’t protect all people, especially on occupied territories. Many of you have already heard about what has happened in Bucha, Irpin(one of our team members lives here), Vorzel, Hostomel, and Borodyanka near Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. These cities were occupied by russia army for the whole of March. Right now, these cities are free. But the whole world was shocked by what russian war criminals did there. The World will never forget it. We hope that the International Criminal Court will investigate all these crimes and all these russian criminals and their commanders will receive well-deserved punishment.

If you want to help Ukraine, you could:

We pray for peace. Glory to Ukraine and all free democratic countries in the World!!!