Music glitches every 30 seconds or so

2018 Chevy Colorado Bose stock head unit
Samsung S20fe Android 13
Carsifi adapater firmware version: 1.10.00

Issue description:
Worked great for the first 3 mos, now the music glitches every 30 sec or so. I use YT music and Pandora. It does it on both. But if I use a wired connection it works great. I tried clearing the cache on YTmusic and it helped for like 10 minutes. It did with old version and also with android 12.
Please help… Very frustrating.

Have you tried chainging the wifi channel in the settings app, or tried switching to 2.4 wifi?

Don’t waste your time with this device. If you want wireless AA that works without any glitches buy the Motorola MA-1. Has been working for over a year without a single problem! Worth the money!

Yep, I’ve had a few moments with spotify having a wee music blip.