Many disconnections while using it

**Car model(year): Abarth 595 pista 2018
**Phone model(Android version): xiaomi mi 10t miui 13 stable Android 12
**Carsifi adapater firmware version: since 1.7 to actual one 1.1.0

Issue description:

While using it i have many disconnections, i tried to switch between 2.4 or 5ghz but its the same. Intercept Aa protocol switched on and off and its the same.

It looks like it does randomly, i summer i thought that i was because of the temperature carsifi gets (hot), but in winter its doing it again.

When it restart it takes like 30 seconds to reconnect and continue working, buf most probably it will restart again later.

If anyone can help me.

If you know how can i get a log and upload it, i will record the next log.


You can report logs using this link How report about issue to support team : Carsifi

Also, we have seen that you have Xiaomi with MIUI 13. Our customers found that some Xiaomi phones with MIUI 13 disconnect when cellular data is gone. You can read it here Xiaomi MIUI 13 disconnect when cellular signal is out : Carsifi

Can you double-check if the disconnect happened when cellular data is gone or if it disconnects for other reasons?

Also, can you try to change cable or use original one if you haven’t done it before.

I checked also the connection, and i think its not the problem because they were in many different locations, and in places where i go many times some of them works and other not.

I will try those settings.

Thanks, also please check our updated instructions for random disconnect Random disconnects : Carsifi

We’ve added change wifi channels, country code, and cable changes.

I will try, thank you!


I’ve changed again to 5ghz, 149 channel and country Spain , and i had one disconnection (45 minutes trip).

I synchronize logs, can Carsifi support team check it?

Thank you very much