Long time passing

Subject Re: [#25198];
Hi Carsifi…you agreed my Carsifi device was faulty and you gave me instructions to return it…you even acknowledged receipt of the device, you told me you would give me a refund and I waited, I waited and I waited…over a year now.
I know you haven’t lost my email address 'cause you keep sending me ‘Carsifi News’.
What do I do?.

Cheers, Paul.

A reply or comment would be nice.
I’m afraid I must warn others, Carsifi’s follow-up does leave a bit to be desired…maybe look elsewhere, there are many other Android Auto devices on the market.

The Carsfi if you’re lucky like me is a really great piece of kit. However it was developed in Ukraine and the company was incorporated in Delaware. In present circumstances neither really inspires confidence.