Kia Proceed GT 2022 - Carsifi worked perfectly for me until the Coolwalk update

Kia Proceed GT 2022.
Samsung Galaxy S23 ultra with android 13.
Carsifi adapater firmware version 1.10.0.

I have to restart carsifi almost every time i connect to it. because otherwise it freezes. It didn’t do that for the first 6/8 months in my Kia ProCeed GT 2022. It has also become more slower to start up since I bought it about 1 year ago.

And i have done :

Please try to make a full factory reset.

After that please try following solutions:

  • Go to the developer settings on your smartphone and in the USB-Settings set on always file transfer.

  • Update firmware to latest version 1.10.0. You can find instruction here How update firmware to latest version : Carsifi

  • Try disabling OR enabling the “Intercept AA protocol” option like mentioned here Try this solution first. Android Auto not working. : Carsifi

  • Make sure that your phone can scan Bluetooth and WiFi Casifi-XXXXXX(where XXXXXX should be any figures or characters) name.

  • Make sure you don’t use VPN.

  • Make sure you don’t use any A d blocking app on your phone as this might prevent Android Auto from connecting with Carsifi.

  • Remove all phones/devices from bluetooth on your cars head unit.

  • Add the Carsifi and the car’s Bluetooth to the trusted devices on your phone.

  • Update your car’s head unit to the latest firmware version.

  • Re-install the Carsifi app.

  • Update the Android Auto app.

  • Please clear the cache of the Android Auto app.

  • Try to change USB mode.

BR. Kim.