Just Want to Say I am Finally Happy

I had given up on using my Carsifi device because it was so difficult to set up and even then highly undependable at best. I frequently had to uninstall it, reboot everything, reinstall and pair it again. I had sent many problem reports and the tech staff was great at working with me but we never did solve all the issues I was having so I just put the device in a drawer and forgot about it. I also tried the Motorola and AA Wireless devices but I couldn’t get them to work either so I returned them. I recently got a new phone; Samsung S24+ running Android 14. My Carsifi software is cfee97 (v1.10.0). I decided to give my Carsifi another try. It set up easily and has been working correctly for almost a week now. My car is a 2021 Buick Enclave. I love this little device now that it is performing as it should. I should also add that I was previously using a Google Pixel 6 smart phone.