Just impossible to download new firmware (1.8.0 to 1.10.0)

I have been trying for days to download firmware on the companion app to 1.10.0 (currently at 1.8.0) and the ring keeps spinning for hours. This is so frustrating

I have checked the documentation and also checked the web and I have done all the necessary. My adapter is NOT connected and I am well connected to the web through my home wifi but the ring keeps spinning - saying “Downloading Firmware” for hours.

What am i missing and why is this so really difficult ?

[SOLVED] OK. After 3 days of constant trying to download, it finally spluttered and downloaded. 3 days ! Gosh. I dont know if its doing checksum of every downloaded but - but it was extremely painful.

Maybe carsifi can serve us better by increasing your pipe, perhaps ?

Thank God - The update was a walk in the park compared to the download