Is this possibly why Carsifi is having issues with connection stability

When I read the reviews on the Motorola MA1 it was said over and over that you must have Android 11, or higher, otherwise the connection will be unstable. One exception is Samsung’s version 10 works. I wonder if that’s why Carsifi is having trouble. I have Android version 9 and I can’t upgrade. Support has instructed everyone to select “Wireless Android Auto” in their phone. That option does not show on my LG V30. Everything else they show on that screen is there but no Wireless Android Auto. It would be interesting to get feedback from users, who have had no connection issues, what Android version is on their phone.

I use Android 9 with a Motorola G6 phone and have no dropout problems. To switch on wireless mode AA in Android 9 you need to switch to developer mode in the Android Auto app. To do this open AA on your phone, go to the bottom of the settings screen. Tap the version number 10 times then tap the three dots at the top of the screen. A menu will open, select developer mode. Wireless AA then appears as an option in the main menu switch it on then close AA on your phone.

I do know how to go into Developer Mode. No Wireless Android Auto shows up there. Possibly Wireless Projection is the same thing? That has always been on.

Yes, wireless projection is the same thing.

I have a new phone with Android version 12 on the way. I will soon find out if that helps.

I just got a new phone with Android 11. At first, I was excited because the Carsifi connected very fast, and worked perfectly on a short trip. However, I just completed a 400-mile trip and unfortunately it didn’t go so well. Android Auto disconnected at intervals of 5 to as long as 20 minutes. It would reconnect, on its own, after about 5 minutes. Unplugging and restarting made no difference. I tried a new USB cable and switched off the 2 advanced settings, one at a time. Absolutely no difference. Seems I’m getting closer but still not acceptable.

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Any chance you didn’t have a Cellular Data connection? If you were in the sticks far away from a tower, it isn’t going to work. Everything it does comes from your phone.