Intermittent initial connection

Audi Q5 (2018):
S22 Ultra (Android 12):
Carsifi adapater firmware version 1.8.0:

Works well once connected.

However the connection to the head unit can take between five seconds to 10 minutes or just doesn’t happen. The solution appears to be reseating the usb plug, after which it will connect.

Any ideas welcome.
Many thanks

Yea I’ve had an issue where if me and my wife use the car separately it just won’t find and connect to her phone even after initial setup and even pressing the button to switch. Just wasn’t as fluent as we expected and now honestly we don’t use it. We ordered 2 so maybe when I get another android auto head unit for the second car it won’t be as much of an issue

I had audio dropouts, but things got a whole lot more stable after I rebooted my phone.

I had not rebooted my phone after I installed/configured Carsifi initially so perhaps a reboot is necessary.

Volkswagen Golf 7.5
Samsung Note 20 5G Ultra (Android 12)
Carsifi v.1.8.0

I have same problem, to working I must unplug the device from USB and plug it again, otherwise the headunit not recognize the device.

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I have intermittent connection also. I have a 2021 Buick Enclave. There were many issues with the initial set up but Support did a great job working me through those. Now the Carsifi device will connect to my Android Auto however about half the time I have to respond to my Google Pixel 6 phone asking me to allow the Carsifi device to pair before it will connect. Once connected it seems to work just fine. I would be more than happy if it would just connect every single time without my intervention being required. I have not created a Support Ticket on this as of this time.

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I have variations of this issue. I am seeing all these things sporadically. I hope they issue an update sometime soon that addresses this unreliable scenario we are in!