Incoming call volume too low

Carsifi version : 1.10
Head Unit : Alpine iLX-F249
Phone: Motorola G PLay 2021 - Android 11

When I get an incoming call, the volume is sooooo low that I have to turn the volume up full blast to hear the caller. Then when the call is over, the music returns at FULL VOLUME beore I have a chance (or remember) to turn it down. I have a 1200 watt sound system so ‘full volume’ is really really ‘full’. LOL I know that there were initial problems with the phone volume but I thought version 1.10 was supposed to cure that. The input volume for the phone on the Alpine is set to full as is the phone’s volume control so I’m at a loss to fix this at the moment. Anyone else have this problem and can suggest a solution? Otherwise, I’m really enjoying it.

~ Mike