How would you handle this situation

I have a 2022 Hyundai Tucson with Carsifi permanently connected to the USB socket. However the USB is powered for 5-7 mins after the vehicle is exited, then the power is removed.

If I stop the car, exit/lock the car, Carsifi LED will turn Red because it cannot find the headunit. I get back into the car in say 4 mins., start it and as you would expect no AA as the LED will remain red. Because power has not been removed from the USB and it seems not to try and connect again.

Although will not happen very often, any thoughts on a workaround?



You could try “pausing” the adapter. By default if you tap the “magic” button 3 times this will pause the adapter and the light will turn white. Tapping the button 3 more times will “re-boot” the adapter and reconnect. I have to do this a few times a week when my adapter fails to connect. There is a setting option to change the number of clicks from 3 to something else. I set mine to 1. So for me one click to “pause” and one click to reconnect. Hope this helps.


Yep, I could try that. Thanks for the suggestion.