How does the adapter transfer audio files for playback? BT or WiFi?

Does anyone know how the Carsifi adapter transfers the audio? Wired AA transfers FLAC files over the wires so my devices are full of FLAC audio files but if the Carsifi transfers these files over Bluetooth then I won’t get rewarded for using FLAC. I don’t really know the bandwidth for this kind of thing over WiFi so it might not be any better. Can anyone enlighten me?

~ Mike

Based upon what support told me prior to my ordering, Bluetooth doesn’t have bandwidth sufficient enough for Android Auto to run smoothly, so the initial connection is BT and then the adapter switches to using a Carsifi wifi connection for all date transfer subsequent to the start-up.


Carsifi adapter implements Android Auto protocol. So, audio is transferred via WIFI as a video stream. Carsifi uses Bluetooth only to initiate a Wireless Android Auto connection and all data is transferred via WIFI.

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That’s great. Thanks. I kind of experimented a bit and found that I could turn off Bluetooth on my phone and the audio kept playing. It turns back on after a few seconds but the audio is unaffected. Thanks for the swift response.

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