Full screen Adroid Auto


Is it possible that the carsifi can run full screen?
I have also an Ottocast 2 in 1 and this one can do this (but is using carplay as an interface to AA)

My car is:
manufacturer: Kia
model: EV6

Screenshot with full screen:
The map is bigger and there is a ‘split screen’ within AA.
Also a sharper image

screenshot normal:
There is no split screen in AA.
Kia’s interface has the option to use split screen then (now I have selected a clock).
Also the resolution is less so the image is not as sharp as full screen.

AA normal

Ok, since the latest firmware update of my EV6 (june release in europe) full screen is now available with carsifi on the EV6.
You need to switch of ‘splitscreen’ in the EV6 software and then it works!

Yep, can confirm fullscreen now works with KIA Sportage 2022 (NQ5) as well with the June (Labelled May) update in Australia.