[FIXED] I updated Navigation files on my 2022 KIA Sorento, now I'm getting an Android Auto error 8 from Google

2022 KIA Sorento Xline
Phone - Samsung S22 Ultra - Android 12
Carsifi Adapter Firmware - 605CC7 ( v1.8.0 )

After updating the navigation files on my 2022 KIA Sorento, using KIA’s navigation updater, I no longer can use Carsifi adapter. I’m getting an error 8 from Google. I have included a screenshot of the error message.
Android auto works properly when I plug my phone directly into the USB connector in the car.

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Hey Magman

You’ve probably looked already but I found this …
Fix: Android Auto Communication Error 8 - Appuals.com(or%20Android%20for,cause%20the%20error%20under%20discussion.

Might just be a cause of updating all your Google apps related to AA. I suggest using APK Mirror as well to force the latest version of AA to be installed on your phone.

I’m currently using AA 7.6.6217. Seems good but I almost think AA 7.6.1215 was a little more stable (Using Samsung S21).

Hope it helps, cheers.

@Magman3123 - Did you ever get it working?

I updated my Hyundai Tucson nav as well (I believe Kia and Hyundai share similar software) and I now get the error 8 issue as well. It was working perfectly fine before the update but does not any longer.

I found that I can get Carsifi to work if I disable AA intercept however I wanted to find out if you found another work around?

The red screen disappeared after turning off Intercept AA protocol in the troubleshooting section of the Carsifi application.

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I exactly have the same problem starting from today after updating my Peugeot Rifter’s firmware! I will check that option of disabling “Intercept AA protocol”.
Am I the only one that think that all these options are not very transparent from an user point of view?
It is basically that we need to test one by one (activating / disactivating) until we find the proper setup for our mobile/car…

Yeah, it definitely worked by disabling “Intercept AA protocol” in my case too! Thanks a lot for this post, it helped me a lot

This should definitely be investigated by the Carsifi team since everything worked prior to the updates. Hopefully they can address this issue because I liked to be able to run a custom DPI which requires Intercept to work.

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Same exact problem with my 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe. Everything worked fine with the intercept AA until the radio firmware was updated. Now I receive the red death screen unless I disable the intercept option. Carsifi should definitely look into this and provide a fix ASAP! Just so everyone knows my AAWireless adapter with the same intercept AA works without issue after the update.