Firmware 1.8.4 update

Car model(year): Tata Nexon (2021)
**Phone model(Android version):**Android 12
**Carsifi adapater firmware version:**1.8.4

Issue description:

  1. Magic button still can not be customised.

  2. Like in 1.8.2, phone and head units do connect, but prior to connection recieved error as could not connect to device and after that in few seconds device get connected. Same persist in 1.8.4. This is not a show stopper issue as connection happens in 40 to 50 sec max.

Carsifi app tells me that 1.8.0 is the latest firmware.

1.8.4 was launched few days back, not sure if it was beta version.

Where would you even get a beta version of the firmware?