Doesn't connect every time

**Car model(year):2022 Ford Maverick
**Phone model(Android version):Samsung S20( android 12)
**Carsifi adapater firmware version:1.8.0

Does not always connect. When it does connect, everything works well. Problem is in the bluetooth connection. Sometimes the carsifi** paired device is missing from my phone paired device list. If I re-pair the adapter and connect, the wireless connection works. Sometimes, the carsify** paired device is in the list, but not connected. If I connect it, the wireless connection works. Problem may be in having multiple devices connected for media output. I do have hearing aids paired to bluetooth, but even if I disconnect them, I still have occasional problem connecting. Any suggestions?

same for me e for other owners of samsung galaxy phone. I’m starting to think that there i a compatibility problem between carsifi dongle and samsung galaxy smarphone. any idea to solve it?

I have not yet figured out a solution. I am hoping the developers can fix this.

I’m afraid that nobody reads our complaints, nobody is answering me. They asked me for debug log, but I didn’t receive any answer since a week.
I shouldn’t buy this stuff!

Exactly the same problem, same phone here, different type of car (2020 Subaru Ascent). Following.

I think the Carsify is Ukraine based (at least at the introduction video was licence plate Ukrainian) so no wonder they are not responsive now.

Thats regarding the lack of support at this time.

I know, we have issues, we paid quite a lot for it and as such we expect immediate action, which we will not get for months. Unfortunately.

We’ve released a new firmware version v1.9.0
Please update to the latest version, reset your adapter, and pair it with your phone again.

When I try to update firmware, get message that I need companion app 1.5.3. On Google Play Store, only v. 1.5.2 is available.

same for me: I have version 1.5.2 and I can’t update to 1.5.3 that is not available

Latest version of the phone and carsifi. Still it will not connect every time.
Audi S5 2018, Galaxy s22 ultra