Current Drain of Carsifi

Hi all,

Does anyone know how much current the Carsifi draws from the USB? Can’t seem to find this in the specs.


That’s a question for Carsifi support.

Just curious why you need to know the current draw.

Due to the present issue with Carsifi starting AA and connecting to my phone, when I just open the car door to get something out of the car, I want to install a relay in the USB Cable to Carsifi so it only turns ON Carsifi when the car is started.
Hence what should be the current capacity of the relay.

That’s interesting - so your head unit is getting power when you open the door?

No, the USB is getting power when I open the door.

I was thinking of my setup where the USB cable runs directly off of the (aftermarket) stereo.

@gregeeh You can use relay with rating of max 0,5 A.
This one is an example of miniature but capable relay.

But wait, maybe this FW update will help You.