Coolwalk with Carsifi

Anybody has the new AA interface coolwalk enabled with carsifi?

It seems it is activated for most AA users but mine not working via carsifi…

Coolwalk feature is enabled by Google with a so called “switch” on their servers, it has nothing to do with current AA version.
I am registered as a beta user for AA and I already received the coolwalk feature and it is working fine both AA and also wireless with Carsifi.
Also, Waze does not support coolwalk feature in standard release. Currently there is a beta version, dedicated to AA, which has it enabled: beta version.

Nice to hear it! Thanks

Mazda CX5 2018. Carsifi worked perfectly for me until the Coolwalk update . Adapter will connect to Samsung phone and companion app but nothing appears on car screen. Tried everything from factory reset , uninstall app clear AA cache etc. but no joy.
Still no solution from Carsifi support after nearly 2 weeks

I installed latest akp of AA on my OnePlus 8T. Coolwalk workes perfect with my MX5 display unit, Maps, Spotify,, announcements from Skype, WhatsApp, SMS, …

Thanks! Mine started to work perfectly also!