Connection with Android Auto drop out

Car model(year): Nissan xtrail 2021
Phone model(Android version): samsung s20+
Carsifi adapater firmware version:

Android auto and adapter keeps dropping out and reconnecting itself, just recieved the carsifi so assuming latest version already on this.

Hi Mickd

Had similar issues when I forst got mine, I changed the Wifi channel, and been fine since.

I have areas where it would constantly drop out. Under WiFi Settngs, I forced the WiFi to 2.4Ghz and that helped a lot. YMMV.

I have the same issue. No new update to fix.

Try to change wifi channels from the carsifi app. Drop outs can be linked to heavy interference on a specific channel (frequency). So changing it could solve the problem.

But be aware if you have default values now - channel 36 and change to 149 for example … you are avoiding interference on channel 36, but get interference on channel 149. In practical terms, dropouts will occur in different areas for 149 than for 36. So in the end choose the channel with less dropouts.