Connection problems, does not connect automatically

Car model(year): Citroën c3 año 2018
Phone model(Android version): Samsung note 10 plus
Carsifi adapater firmware version: 1.10.0

Issue description:
I have acquired a carsifi on your platform, two days ago.

I’m trying to set it up with my vehicle and I’m having a lot of trouble getting it set up.

Specifically, I have a Citroën c3 vehicle from the year 2018 and a Samsung note 10 plus phone. It has been very difficult but I have managed to link the carsifi with the Android auto of the vehicle. Connecting the phone with the carsifi did not work because the Android auto of the vehicle did not start. Download the Carsifi application and following the steps, it reaches the last one where I have to press the android auto of the vehicle and it does not connect. After several attempts by disconnecting the carsifi from the usb and reconnecting I got it to link. Apart from this, what I did was connect the vehicle to the carsifi wifi to guarantee a better connection.

I have the problem when I turn off the vehicle and after a few hours I return to use it again, the carsifi does not automatically connect with the Android auto.

When the vehicle started it does not connect by itself, I have to press Android auto in the vehicle repeatedly and most of the time it does not connect.

Faced with this situation I have to disconnect the carsifi from the vehicle’s usb and reconnect it and after several attempts by pressing the key it connects, and sometimes not.

It connects very irregularly and you always have to disconnect it from the usb port and reconnect it by pressing several times on the vehicle’s Android auto and sometimes it doesn’t work. Can you give me a solution? The phone has Android 12.

HI, i am not developer, but how about sharing Your NAC (or RCC) firmware version?
I got Peugeot 3008 with latest firmware (Feb 2021) and had also strange issues prior to upgrading Carsifi to 1.10.00 which works flawlessly compared to previous versions:)

Maybe You have got buggy FW in your NAC (or RCC)

Please send your UDID to, and we will share with you access to the latest beta firmware 1.10.2