Conflicting Carsifi and Car Bluetooth Connections

Car model(year): Seat Arona 2022
Phone model(Android version): OnePlus Nord 2 5G
Carsifi adapter firmware version: 1.10.0

Issue description:

Following a few weeks of configuring my Carsifi adapter and car settings I thankfully managed to establish a solid AA wireless connection.

However, I noticed that the adapter is still unable to establish the adapter-phone WiFi link if the car’s bluetooth connects to the phone before the adapter. I am currently only connecting to the adapter successfully before switching on the engine as the car feeds power to the USB-C ports as soon as I enter the car but does not immediately initiate bluetooth pairing.

It seems that the car’s bluetooth connection does not allow the Carsifi adapter to communicate simultaneously with the phone via the adapter’s bluetooth connection. When this occasionally happens (for example, when I need to leave in a hurry :slight_smile:), I disconnect the car’s bluetooth from the mobile phone and then the Carsifi adapter quickly re-establishes the wireless AA connection.

Is anyone experiencing similar issues? Would you able to suggest any workarounds for this?

Thanks in advance for your help and hope I have been clear enough :slight_smile:.