Carsifi won't work on Kia EV6 with 'intercept AA protocol = enabled'

Car model(year): Kia EV6
Phone model(Android version): Samsung S22 Ultra
Carsifi adapater firmware version: 1.9

Issue description:
When ‘intercept AA protocol = enabled’ teh car is starting the AA, but after a second it stops and tries again (and over and over).

Can someone explain what ‘intercept AA protocol’ is doing?

I like to have it enabled because then I can use the ‘screen DPI’ function.
Because the EV6 has a large screen, I hope I can use it then as a full screen AA.

I also have an ‘Ottocast 2 in 1’ and that one can use fullscreen AA (but used apple carplay as communication layer).

We’ve recognized that some Kia head units(especially) after update only work with “Intercept AA protocol” off. We are working to find issue of that, but it require some time. If you want to help us, please send and we provide you instruction how collect logs and share with us.

Hey Stimpy

If your KIA is not using the full screen you may have to update the software, depending on where you are there has recently been a GEN5W update (Widescreen). April/May for USA and Europe, June/Mid-June for Australia NZ.

I can’t vouch for this because I am still waiting in Australia for the GEN5W update. At least if that solves the fullscreen problem you can then disable Intercept AA Protocol.

I have the KIA Sportage 2022 (NQ5). I have to disable Intercept AA Protocol for it to work, but still have the “Android Auto” logo on 1/3rd of the screen so eagerly waiting to try the update.

I have send you an email, but didn’t get a response.

Last week I tried to get some logging. But when I had the ‘Intercept AA protocol’ on, I couldn’t send any logging files.
After I switched it back off, it has send some logging.
But don’t know if it then contains the correct data.

Thx for the response.
I know that there is an update coming (still pending in Europe, should be released any time now).

Hope it will fix some stuff (and add stuff, like preheating and hopefully wireless AA :wink: )

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I’m in NA and have installed the latest update for Kia. It does allow full screen AA now. Most of the screen is ABRP and the remaining is Spotify. Sadly, as far as I can tell, nothing else added, like preheating or wireless AA. But, it does require the intercept AA protocol to be turned off, otherwise it just continuously tries to start AA and gives me an untrusted error on the phone.

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