Carsifi must pair EVERY time it boots

2019 Honda Passport Elite
Pixel 6 Pro (Android 12)
Carsifi v1. 8

My Carsifi was working my for a couple of weeks, then it started prompting for new Bluetooth connections in order to work.

To use the Carsifi, I must go into the app, choose to Refresh Settings, then look for the new Bluetooth pairing request to accept it. After I accept the pairing, the Carsifi works perfectly. Is there a way to stop these prompts and go back to automatically connecting?

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I have same phone/Android version and experiencing the same thing as you and several other unreliability issues. This is not ready for prime time!!! Being that it must have some static memory onboard to store settings, it would seem the memory doesn’t store the settings for more than a day or so. Probably cheap Chinese memory… Or just poor code/programming. Thats my opinion as an IT professional. I hope they can/will fix this. Great potential but not if they can’t get it to be reliable.

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Phone: pixel 6
Car: Seat Arona

Same issue for me. I need to manually connect every time

I also have what sounds like the same issue. I have to re-pair Bluetooth almost everytime I come back to my car. pixel 6 pro with 2018 vw alltrack

Would you like some diagnostic files?

This sounds like a Pixel issue. I have to assume Carsifi would help in some way if they could. What’s strange to me is that the Carsifi isn’t always in my previous bluetooth devices list, which further points to the Pixel. It would be nice for Carsifi to work with Google on a fix.

You may be right. I own two Carsifi devices (both received yesterday). Both have successfully connected to my 2019 Honda a few times, but not reliably. Neither Carsifi device shows up in my list of "Previously Connected bluetooth devices on my Pixel 5a running Android 12 (Security update May 5, 2022; Play System update April 1, 2022).

My adapter installed and work fine for a couple of weeks. Then it suddenly stopped working. Tech support has not responded. I have two adapters that are bricks. Going to request a refund.

We’ve released v1.9.3 for BETA testers. If you haven’t seen this version in your companion app, please send your UDID to It has fixes for some head unit versions for Mazda & VAG