Carsifi mobile app invasive on car's functionality

Car: Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4 2021

Carsifi app version: 1.5.6

Carsifi firmware version: 1.9.1

Phone model: Samsung Galaxy S20+

Phone Android version: 12

Background: Every now and then the Carsifi app causes my Android Auto icon to flicker on my car’s touch screen. Often this happens every 15th second or so. This behaviour causes all sorts of weird behaviour in my car, (see below).

Scenario: Sometimes you do not wish to connect to Android Auto but you want to use the car’s built in radio and make calls using the built in Bluetooth function.

All the errors below coincides with when the Carsifi app causes the Android Auto icon to flicker on my car’s touch screen. Uninstalling the app, putting the phone in flight mode or pulling the cable on the adapter makes this behavior to stop immediately so it is clearly related to the Carsifi phone app.
I can’t recollect that I experienced this problem with the version that I installed when I received my adapter some months ago (don’t remember the version number unfortunately). Clearly there is something really wrong with the current version of the app.

List of errors and unwanted behavior

  1. When the Android Auto icon flickers on my car’s touch screen the screen on my phone also flickers

  2. If I switch to my car’s radio screen the Carsifi app’s behavior causes the car’s to default to the app screen. This is an unwanted behavior.

  3. If I switch to my car’s climate settings screen the Carsifi app’s behavior causes the car’s to default to the app screen. This is an unwanted behavior and is very annoying since I sometimes don’t even have time to change the temperature before I’m thrown back to the wrong screen.

  4. If I make a call with the phone connected to Bluetooth (without having started Android Auto) the app’s behavior transfers the call from the car to the phone. This is extremely annoying!

  5. If I try to film this behavior with the phone on which the Carsifi app is installed the filming suddenly stops when the Android Auto icon flickers. This is an unwanted behavior.

All of this is documented in the film you can find on Youtube via the link below

Film showing the erratic behavior

This behavior actually makes me feel that the adapter is quite useless since it affects my car’s behavior to such an extent.

Also, I have problems getting the adapter to connect until 2nd, 3rd or sometimes 4th attempt.

I have filed a ticket to the Carsifi support.

Anyone else experiencing similar problems?

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problemi a non finire, ho rinunciato ad usarlo e uso il cavo usb collegato al telefono per non avere problemi con riavvio del telefono che si blocca in continuazione.

As I understand it you don’t actually need the app so why don’t you just remove it? At least that would eliminate the app causing a problem. If you look at the problems being reported the vast majority appear to be from people using newer Samsung phones with Android 11 or 12. I know Samsung sell a lot of phones but the numbers would stop me from changing my Motorola.

@G4rth So you mean that I can connect to the Carsifi adapter without even having the Carsifi mobile app installed? I don’t think that will work.

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@Gripenstedt. The Carsifi app is only used to update the device software or set the device perameters (if needed to be changed). Once you have done this then the app can be deleted if you wish. You will of course need to reinstall it if you want to update the software or change the set up at some time.

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Stesso problema con la mia Peugeot 3008 del 2018 e telefono Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T, già segnalato più volte alla assistenza ma nessuna soluzione.

Tried it @G4rth and it works like a charm. Imagine that the solution was so simple. Thanks!

@Gripenstedt. Glad you seem to be OK now. I do find that sometimes Android Auto is slow to connect. I’ve got Avast down loaded on my phone if I run the clean up and kill all the programs running in the background the problem is resolved. It might be worth a try if you get problems in future. It’s surprising how much junk there is and how many unnecessary programs run when you don’t even know it’s happening.

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Looks like it didn’t work after all. Problem persists even though I disabled the Carsifi app which means that its the dongle itself that is causing the problems. Looks like I will have to wait for my support ticket to be answered to find out if the people at Carsifi have a clue. So tired of these endless problems.

Is there no one experiencing this problem? It’s slowly driving me mad. :grinning: It isn’t actually the Carsifi app that causes the problem since the behavior is the same after forcing the app to stop. That means that it’s either the dongle itself or AA that is causing the erratic behavior shown in the Youtube clip.

This happens when your phone is connected with carsifi adapter but you don’t start android auto on the car headunit.
Two solutions are disconnect carsifi adapter from USB or stop android auto on carsifi adapter (three taps on magic button if you didn’t change taps behavior)

I am aware of those solutions. The thing is that it did not behave this way when I first got the adapter and the point is that I shouldn’t need to disconnect the adapter or stop AA on it. I have an open ticket and the Carsifi team is trying to find out what is actually the problem. Hopefully they will be able to fix it.

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Good evening everyone, I have encountered the problem since I bought the device, but unfortunately after useless attempts to update the firmware (now at version 1.9.5) there are no solutions. The team replies that the car model I own is not available to them for testing, and yes that the advertising on their site is done with a car like mine. Now after the firmware upgrade to version 1.9.5 AA it doesn’t even start anymore. From bad to worse. :man_facepalming:

Our car that is used on video has a different head unit(oldest) than your car. Please try to reset your adapter, to erase the additional remote config that was applied to the test. Or contact us at

As I said I have an open ticket and a good dialogue going with the support agent so I will stick to what’s being said in that conversation. In my opinion the team have made great progress as far as connectivity is concerned. Connecting now works as a charm. I also still have high hopes for having the other problem solved as well. Keep up the good work!