Carsifi doesnt work on Chevrolet Cruze 2021 (only paired to phone)

Car model(year):
Chevrolet Cruze Premier 1.4 turbo, year 2021

Phone model(Android version):
Xiaomi MI 11 Lite 5G NE, Android 12
Carsifi adapater firmware version:
Carsifi Firmware 1.8.0

Issue description:
I connect the adapter to the USB port in the car, and I open Carsifi companion app. The adapter is paired to the phone, and AA screen appears saying “continue configuration in your car screen” (normal), but in Car screen (MyLink System), it says “trying to connect to Phone”, for several seconds, and finally “Unable to connect to Phone”

Any help? I have tried “Intercept protocol” on and off. Auto usb mode on/off, Accesory mode, etc.

Thanks in advance

Hi, can you please update to the latest firmware v1.9.0, reset the adapter, and pair it again. Please try the Intercept AA protocol option again and change USB modes.

Hi, within companion app, I press firmware update with the adapter paired, and I don’t get any update from 1.8.0

Do I need to have the adapter connected always to the car to execute firmware update? Or it works by just pairing to the phone and connecting to a laptop USB port?

I also had some problems during the update, but it finally worked out.
Maybe it’s better to update while the adapter is connected to a pc.

I had updated to 1.9.0. With auto USB mode on and intercept protocol off, I just got to enable Bluetooth music from carsifi to the car, but Android Auto icon for screen sharing doesn’t work

Thats pretty much where I am at with a GMC canyon 2019. Just searching for phone on heat unit.

I believe Carsifi should have published in which specific models was fully tested and inform really clear thay new models will be evaluated in furhter firmware versions. So, we would have decided if we risked buying it or not. I have provided all debug logs and no feedback in my support ticket yet.

Same thing here as well.

I have the same car, same model and year of manufacture, I have 3 samsung galaxy s10+ android 9 cell phones, it works perfect, samsung galaxy note 10+ android 12, the same thing happens to me as described here, samsung galaxy j6 android 10, the same thing happens . I did the update of the apk version 1.9 probe, everything that you suggest but I never managed to appear on the AA screen, my cell phones tell me that it is connected and that I continue on the screen of my cross with AA but the icon does not light up. what solution do you offer?

Hi Carlos, do you have a Chevrolet Cruze 2021 and Carsifi works OK on Samsung phones with Android 9?? I´ve tried both with the Xiaomi on Android 12 and Samsung Galaxy A10 on Android 11 and it didn´t work. please, write me if you can to Gracias!

Hi, Thanks JayEmPee, I’m sending a reply to the email address right now.

We’ve released v1.9.3 for BETA testers. If you haven’t seen this version in your companion app, please send your UDID to