Carsifi does not appear in Bluetooth cannot connect

MG HS 2022
Samsung A22 5g Android13
Latest firmware

Carsifi was working fine up until mid December. Now cannot connect via app or through phone’s Bluetooth connection. Green light is flashing on Carsifi, but it does not appear on Bluetooth device list on phone nor will it connect through the Carsifi app. Tried resetting Carsifi and reinstalling app and I have reset phone’s Bluetooth. Nothing seems to work

A simple fix… buy a Motorola MA-1 Had two Carsifi neither worked. Replaced with MA-1 and they work flawless. Don’t even know they are there works without a glitch. Carsifi too buggy!

Try Go to the phone’s setup under Apps. Delete data and cache in Carsifi, Android Auto/, & Google Play Services.
Make a new install