Carsifi dead! Nothing works! Got back in the car after going to Walmart and that was it!

Nightmare. After having the Carsifi for some months, I got out of the car and got some shopping, got back in and have never been able to get the damn thing to connect again! I am now wondering if it was a waste of money. The firmware states it is up to date. I drive a 2017 Audi A3, and use a Oneplus 8 Pro. I have turned the AA intercept on and off half a dozen times. I have refreshed, reloaded the Carsifi software, and tried to reconnect everything. Nothing works. It goes through the connection process with the lights flashing then solid green. My phone beeps a connection with Android Auto and says to use the car screen to operate Android Auto but nothing! The car screen is a blank.

Nothing I do works.

When I plug my phone into the USB port, it connects to Android Auto in a second.

Having exactly same issue with latest 1.10 version, mazda cx5 2018, pixel5
Nothing help

I am returning mine for an exchange. Love the product but it suddenly failed. I had several people look at it and try to get it up and running. It is an internal failure.

Don’t waste your time with this Carsifi crap. I have two and they both don’t work. A buggy device that’s a waste of money. Buy a Motorola MA-1 it works flawlessly. I have them in my two cars and have never once had them fail. I asked for a refund but it fell on deaf ears.

Thanks for the advice. I will give the replacement a shot, and if it fails, will change it over. I purchased through Amazon so can refund if it fails. It concerns me that Carsifi have never gotten back.